What can you do with elderflower?

Elderflower is delicious mixed into cakes, tarts, trifles and jams. It pairs particularly well with tart fruits such as rhubarb and gooseberries. From casual nibbles to celebratory showstoppers, we have a whole host of fantastic floral recipes.

Elderflower is a traditional summer flavour, and goes best with traditional summer fruits such as strawberries and raspberries. Martin Wishart uses an elderflower jelly to set a selection of summer berries, and Simon Hulstone makes an elderflower crème to go with his strawberry dessert.

Similarly, what can you do with elderberries?

  1. They can also be made into jams, chutneys and sauces, which have a wonderful fruity flavour, although the berries are low in pectin so need the addition of jam sugar or lemon juice to ensure a set.
  2. Put your sprigs to good use with our elderberry and almond pie, bursting with the flavours of the season.

Also to know, can you eat elderflower?

The flowers and berries are the only edible part of the plant. They are mildly toxic and have an unpleasant taste when raw. The fragrant flowers are most famous for making elderflower champagne and cordial – perfect summer drinks.

How do you use dried Elderflowers?

Uses for dried elderflowers include wines, fizzes, teas and cordials. They can also be added as a flavouring to cider, ales and ginger beers to give each drink a floral flavour of summer.

Is elderflower drink good for you?

As elderflowers taste so good, it’s easy to ignore their antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The most common uses are for colds and flu, sinus infections and other respiratory disturbances. As a supplement, elderflower also has diuretic and laxative properties, and is helpful in relieving constipation.

Is St Germain sweet?

An elderflower liqueur, such as St. Germain, is an easy way to add the sweet, floral taste to cocktails. This is a very versatile spirit that mixes with everything from Champagne and white wine to gin, vodka, and whiskey. Germain is not the only elderflower liqueur you can buy.

What is the taste of elderflower?

It’s Floral, But It’s Nothing Like Lavender Or Rose. Yes, there’s that slightly herby flavor you’d get from edible flowers, but elderflower’s sweeter than you’d expect – and a little musky. It’s closer to lychee in flavor, and it has a crisp, palate-cleansing finish.

Is elderflower the same as elderberry?

The Elderberry is a small bush, peppered with delicate white flowers (i.e. elderflower) that flourishes widely in countries such as the United Kingdom and France, spreading in hedgerows across many of its fields. Elderflower on the other hand, is as one might expect, more floral and lighter to taste.

What does elderflower smell like?

One of the most distinctive things about elderflowers is the smell: floral, creamy and ‘Summery’. Quite often you can smell the scent as you get closer towards the plants. Elderflowers should not smell like wee, musty or damp. If they do, find fresher smelling blooms.

Can St Germain go bad?

St-Germain is a French liqueur made from 100% fresh elderflowers that are handpicked once a year in Europe. (The fairy godmother of liquor?) You can also pretty much keep it around forever—either in a cabinet, on your bar cart, or in your fridge, it never really goes bad, even if it does start to change color.

What is the best elderflower liqueur?

The best brand of elderflower liqueur St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur is probably the best known brand, and it’s definitely one of our favorites in cocktail recipes where elderflower is a primary flavor like a martini. We’re also big fans of Drillaud Elderflower Liqueur because it tastes similar to St.

How do you serve elderflower cordial?

Drop them in a jug. Pour in the elderflower cordial and the wine. Chill all of this until you’re ready to drink, then add the water, stir, and pour into ice-filled glasses. You can add a sprig of mint or borage to each glass.

Can elderberries kill you?

Exceptional Elderberries. Ah, elderberries, deliciously poisonous, yet good for you. Because, eating too much of the cyanide-inducing glycosides will cause a toxic buildup of cyanide (yes, that is poison) in the body and will make you sick, put you in a coma, and/or possibly kill you.

What are the health benefits of elderflower?

Elderflower is used for swollen sinuses (sinusitis), colds, influenza (flu), swine flu, bronchitis, diabetes, and constipation. It is also used to increase urine production (as a diuretic), to increase sweating (as a diaphoretic), and to stop bleeding.

Are elderflower berries poisonous?

The seeds, stems, leaves and roots of the Black Elder are all poisonous to humans. The fruit of the elderberry is a tiny berry, about 1/8 to ¼ inch in diameter, and about 50% of the berry is seed. Cooking the berries destroys the glycosides present in the seeds, making the berries with their seeds safe to eat.

How do you process elderflower?

Remove flowers from most of stems (especially the large ones), wash by quickly submerging in cold water, and drain. Place the flower heads in a large bowl together with the lemon zest. Bring water to the boil and pour over the elderflowers and citrus zest. Cover and leave overnight to infuse.

Is elderflower toxic?

Elderflower is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when used in excessive amounts. Some parts of the elderflower plant contain a cyanide-producing chemical which can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Cooking removes this chemical.

Is Elder a tree or bush?

Elderberry, (genus Sambucus), also called elder, genus of about 10 species of shrubs and small trees in the family Adoxaceae. Most are native to forested temperate or subtropical areas of both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.