Located in the centre of the resort, The Plaza will become the heartbeat of Afan Valley Adventure Resort and provide guests with the perfect destination to meet and socialise at the end of a long and exhilarating day of either flying down the slopes, diving in the water, swinging through the trees or riding in the forest.
Split into four designated entertainment areas, The Plaza will be home to stylish bars and restaurants, individually designed and geared to the activities found in each of the four zones.

The hub of the après activity, The Plaza will provide a spectacular setting to enjoy the shows, the displays and the visual extravaganza that will explode into life and mark the end of the day in each zone.
Bustling alpine bars will become a magnet for skiers to meet and recount their adventures on the slopes; woodland bars will become home to the forest explorers as they unwind after a gruelling assault course; lively sports bars will be full of mountain bikers discussing their day’s extreme exploits, while those who have enjoyed an off

road experience will be able to come together and relax in the trails bars and restaurants.
Then when the sun sets and dusk falls, The Plaza will come alive as each zone puts on a festival of displays and demonstrations to the backdrop of music and fireworks.
Home to an array of specialist retail outlets, The Plaza will also offer guests a choice of clothes and accessories, all geared towards the activities across the resort.

From ski equipment to mountain bikes, training gear to golf clubs, swimming trunks to horse tack, everything will be available for guests to buy or rent.
Open, airy and inviting, The Plaza will be the focal point of Afan Valley Adventure Resort and with its incredible selection of restaurants – all serving up delicious and healthy options – it will provide a unique setting to relax, unwind and socialise at the end of an energy-sapping, heartthumping and exhilarating day of adventure.


The Alpine Zone at Afan Valley Adventure Resort, home to a wealth of invigorating and challenging snow sports activities, will become a must-visit destination for those looking to enjoy all the thrills of a traditional ski resort – but without having to leave the country.
The Alpine Zone will boast one of the most complete outdoor slopes in Britain with three exhilarating runs, which will be open 365-days a year, whatever the weather.
Incorporating the dramatic terrain of the Afan Valley, the runs will effortlessly blend into the stunning landscape to provide an adrenaline-pumping black run, down steep, breathtaking drops; a testing red run; and a gentler blue run, where skiers will be able to meander their way down a picturesque tree-lined course.
With covered walkways and strategically designed runs to ensure maximum authenticity, Afan Valley Adventure

Resort will provide an unmissable experience for novices and seasoned skiers alike.
Complete with drag and chair lifts, time gates, slalom courses, tubing, moguls, ski-school, kindergarten and toboggan runs for youngsters, the resort has a stunning sky lounge at its summit, allowing guests to sit, relax and fully immerse themselves in the spectacular surroundings.
With a traditional Nordic feel to all activities, the Alpine Zone will also be home to a well equipped indoor centre which will include a children’s soft play area, ski simulators and zorbing – with a suite of steam rooms for those who want to unwind and get away from it all.
Outside, continental markets, fire pits and an impressive array of authentic alpine bars and restaurants will add to the ambience and give guests that delightful après-ski feeling of being in the Alps.


High in the treetops of Afan Valley, a new adventure is about to swing into life with the arrival of the fascinating Forest Zone. Offering guests the chance to push themselves like never before, both on the ground and in the air, this forestbased adventure playground will span over 50 acres of woodlands, gorges, waterfalls and sheer cliff faces. Heading the experience will be the Bear Grylls Survival Academy which will feature a series of tough challenges and endurance courses designed by the top TV survival expert to test the mental and physical strength of all ages and abilities.
Afan Valley Adventure Resort is proud to have been announced the official headquarters of the Bear Grylls Instructors Academy and the Forest Zone is where aspiring Bear Grylls instructors will be put through their paces on their journey to become outdoor leaders. Since launching in 2012, the Academy has become a firm favourite with survival enthusiasts and its arrival at the resort is set to take survival skills and training to thrilling new heights of exhilaration and physical discovery. Alongside the Academy, guests will also be treated to an array of forest adventures where they will be able to

fly along zip wires, traverse mountains, swing from trees and experience everything from paintballing to Laser Quest; indoor climbing to crazy golf and canoeing to dog walking.
The Forest Zone will be home to the resort’s stunning aqua adventure park, which will feature a labyrinth of slides, caves and underwater thrills the likes of which will take water sports to an exciting new level. Here guests will be able to shoot down waterfalls, ride wave machines and take on a series of deathdefying rapids.
Golf enthusiasts will be able to brush up on their skills on our state-of-theart golf simulators or perfect their game with a round of crazy golf while a dedicated arts and crafts centre deep in the forest will provide the perfect opportunity to draw inspiration from the amazing surroundings.
An indoor climbing wall and archery range complete the magic in this enchanting corner of Afan Valley Adventure Resort while a selection of woodland bars and restaurants will serve up a selection of bush tucker treats. And as the lights fade a series of forestbased après activities including torchlit night forest trails and high-wire displays will mark the end of another exciting day of adventure.


For those who like to get off the beaten track and back to nature, The Trails Zone at Afan Valley Adventure Resort is the perfect destination. Geared to tackling the tough terrain in a variety of thrilling ways, it is guaranteed to bring out the child in everybody.
Off-roading is the perfect way to enjoy good, clean, muddy fun and with a mix of twists, turns and traverses to get the adrenaline pumping, The Trails Zone serves up a unique experience all in one destination.
Get down and dirty with everything from 4×4 Land Rover experiences to quad biking; Segway rallying to go-karting, and horse riding to dog agility courses. Visitors will be given the chance to negotiate water crossings and steep gradients as they are taught essential 4×4 driving techniques, while for an alternative unique driving experience, there will be the opportunity to hit the hills on a quad bike or enjoy a liberating Segway rally day, through wooded or open terrain. A menu of equally exhilarating and challenging activities can also be found

at the zone’s indoor centre where the nerve and skill of all who enter will be fully tested.
Here you’ll discover a virtual reality world of adventure; experience the thrill of deep water exploration at the scuba diving centre; hit the bowling alleys or simply escape to the cinema.
To enjoy the rugged terrain of the Afan Valley on horseback, visit the dedicated equestrian centre, which is also located in the Trails Zone, or test the skill and guile of your canine friends, at the dog agility centre.
The après trails experience will roundoff the day’s high-octane activities as guests relax over a meal and drinks in the tree-top cafe or the zone’s Central Plaza where the experts will put on a series of spectacular off-road demonstrations and displays.
With over three miles of purpose-built 4×4 course, as well as an impressive maze of trails, we look forward to welcoming you to the home of ‘off-road adventure’.


Afan Valley Adventure Resort is gearing up to become the UK’s adventure playground of tomorrow and nowhere is this moreevident than in the Xtreme Zone.
One look at the region’s stunning and rugged landscape and you instantly understand why this breathtaking part of the world is already a mecca for bike enthusiasts.
Neighbouring Afan Forest Park, which borders the resort, is already home to five world-class mountain bike trails which span more than 100 km along twisting, rocky and hilly routes and the arrival of the resort’s Xtreme Zone will become a unique destination for those who like to push themselves to the limit. BMX, mountain biking, surfing, skydiving and skateboarding will all combine to create an explosion of energy for those who want to experience life on the edge. Working with a series of high profile Xsports partners to provide actionpacked
activities at every turn, Afan Valley Adventure Resort will be home to a specialist mountain bike centre from where you will be able to explore one of the world’s most popular off-road biking terrains.

A comprehensive Xsports programme aimed at delivering world-class skate parks, BMX tracks, roller parks, trampolining plus indoor surfing and skydiving facilities will ensure everybody is catered for and whether you’re a seasoned mountain biker, a novice sky diver or a wannabe Ninja Warrior, this will be the place to head for the ultimate adrenaline-fuelled experience.
The introduction of such facilities at the resort will provide an ideal platform for hosting major international events while also allowing guests the opportunity to experience all the thrill of championship tracks and courses.
Set to become the most extensive and exciting arrival on the extreme sports scene in the UK for years, Afan Valley Adventure Resort is set to push the boundaries and take exhilaration to another level.
Among the all-important après activities in and around the urban sports bars and restaurants of the zone’s central plaza, will be professional displays by expert BMX riders and boarders plus nightly Ninja Warrior martial art shows for all the family to enjoy.


As the sun slowly disappears over the hills, another day of exhilarating activity at Afan Valley Adventure Resort draws to a close.
But as muscles begin to tighten and the adrenaline wears off, the welcoming embrace of the Zen Zone is there to soothe away the aches and pains of body and mind.
One of the key elements of Afan Valley Adventure Resort will be the ability to relax and unwind after a long and invigorating day of energy-sapping activity and the Zen Zone has been specifically designed to do just that.
A haven for relaxation, the zone will take a holistic approach to body recovery and create an idyllic, harmonious and calming atmosphere to help guests unwind and relax after the day’s activities.
Offering everything from the latest techniques in massage and pampering; soothing wellness experiences, and yoga and zen meditation classes, this state-of-the-art retreat will be the destination for those looking to recharge their batteries for the next day’s action or simply to indulge themselves.

With an emphasis both on fitness and well-being, the Zen Zone will combine the latest scientific technology with some of the oldest alternative treatments to optimise recovery and relaxation, in a truly unique setting.
To help us deliver this, we are delighted to announce the appointment of one of the world’s leading spa designers to create this alluring zone of sheer tranquility.
The Schletterer Consultancy, headed by one of the pioneers in the world of Spa and Wellness, Heinz Schletterer, will be the spa designers for Afan Valley Adventure Resort and their many years of international experience and design in the leisure and hotel sector, will ensure guests will enjoy the very latest in spa facilities and wellness treatments.
Heinz has an international reputation for innovation and excellence and was the man who developed and created the first modern Hotel and Spa Retreat, at the Hotel Alpenrose in Austria.
Now guests at Afan Valley Adventure Resort will be able to round-off a day of adrenaline-pumping, muscle-aching activity, with the most indulgent and inspiring spa experience imaginable.

What’s the progress at Afan Valley Adventure Resort?

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