Located deep in the heart of South Wales, amidst rolling hills, enticing green gorges, hidden waterfalls and enchanting forests, an incredible lifestyle experience is about to emerge heralding a new and exciting beginning.
Welcome ta new and ground-breaking resort which will be home to a world of non-stop action, adventure, healthy living, socialising and relaxation.

Welcome to Afan Valley Adventure Resort.
Spread over 500 acres of stunning landscape, this allencompassing and exhilarating adventure playground will ben geared towards a unique holiday experience where visitors can indulge in a unique kaleidoscope of high-octane activitiesn or total relaxation and the chance to socialise, all in one inspirational location.

Afan Valley Adventure Resort has been carefully designed to push guests to their limit, while providing the perfect venue and facilities to fully recharge and rejuvenate all who visit.
With the emphasis on adventure and healthy living, this multi-million-pound resort, arriving on the UK leisure market, will be the first of its kind to offer guests of all ages and abilities, an experience like no other.
From alpine sports to water sports; forest adventures to off-road biking; survival training to trampolining, and surfing to zorbing, the resort will deliver a stunning menu of physical discoveries.

At the end of the day, the Après Activities will provide the perfect opportunity to socialise and share the day’s experiences in the resort’s bustling central plaza.
While for those looking to switch off even further, there will be the chance to escape, relax and unwind in the Zen Zone’s tranquil spa.
Split into four activity zones: Alpine, Forest, Trails and Xtreme, Afan Valley Adventure Resort will provide the perfect base for both those looking for sheer fun and light escape to those searching a more serious test of strength and stamina. Each zone at the resort is being created by some of the world’s most experienced architectural designers and leisure professionals to ensure the highest quality and authenticity for guests.
Alongside the wealth of activities, there will be a 100-bedroom hotel and 400 bespoke lodges plus premium bars, restaurants and retail outlets, ensuring this is a resort which will deliver something quite extraordinary on every level.

What’s the progress at Afan Valley Adventure Resort?

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