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We are delighted to announce the appointment of Landal GreenParks to oversee the reservation and management of our lodge accommodation bookings at Afan Valley Adventure Resort.

Since 1954, Landal GreenParks have specialised providing holidays for outdoor nature resorts across Europe and now represent more than 85 holiday resorts with a combined number of over 14,000 units of accommodation, sending over 2.8m guests on holiday each year.

Their role at Afan Valley Adventure Resort will not only ensure we deliver the most comprehensive and effective booking system to guests across the UK and Europe but also provide us with real-time data which will be invaluable in forecasting booking trends and availability.

Offering a unique vacation experience that embraces the growing trend for environmentally aware, outdoor friendly vacations while still offering the comforts, luxury touches and amenities of onsite accommodation choices, Landal GreenParks is a trusted global brand who we are delighted to be working with and who will greatly enhance the booking experience for all who visit Afan Valley Adventure Resort.

Landal GreenParks focuses on quality accommodation, scalable facilities, sustainable tourism and unique resorts in areas of outstanding natural beauty which Afan Valley Adventure Resort has in abundance.  We are extremely excited and proud to be part of this incredible offering.

Landal GreenParks

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