How much does a sliding door weigh?

How much do the doors weigh? 24″ x 80″ 34 lbs. 30″ x 80″ 42 lbs. 36″ x 80″ 50 lbs. The average steel single car non-insulated door weighs around 90 pounds while double car doors weigh 160 pounds. how much does a wood door weigh? Best estimate I have found online says about 50 … Read more

How Coca Cola used classical conditioning in their marketing?

Coca-Cola used classical conditioning in its marketing by associating the brand with Christmas. Classical conditioning and operant conditioning are psychological reactions exploited by advertisers to convince us to buy their products. In classical conditioning, consumers respond to a stimulus in a particular, unconscious way – for example, by salivating when they see a picture of … Read more

Can I use a regular air compressor for airbrushing?

Yep, absolutely works. As others have mentioned, the regulator on a shop compressor usually isn’t precise enough for airbrush work, so having an additional regulator leading into the airbrush for fine control is a good idea. Your pancake compressor will work just fine. You need some kind of a moisture trap and a pressure regulator. … Read more

What does a bobcat sound like at night?

The bobcat, a creature of the night produce the spookiest of sounds. When around the streets or in their habitats, the bobcat sounds like the noise heard only in a Jack the Ripper film. The noise of the bobcat can sound human like a woman screaming. Bobcat Sounds Like other types of cats, they hiss, … Read more

Can you use chalk paint on fire surrounds?

Whether your fireplace is made of brick or stone, chalk paint can be painted right over the surface without any primer, sanding, or stripping. Since Chalk paint is water based, it’s not flammable. Chalk paint can be used on the hearth and fire surrounds which do not get very hot. FLAMMABILITY. Both Chalk Paint® and … Read more

Which is thicker 12 gauge or 14 gauge steel?

In the gauge system the higher the number the thinner the steel. As an example, 12 gauge steel is thicker and stronger than 14 gauge steel. The 14-gauge steel is the industry standard of frame thickness and the most nationally accepted gauge for carport and metal structures. 15 U.S. Code § 206. Standard gauge for … Read more

What is the difference between ser and Seu?

SEU cable can only be used up to the the service disconnect (as a service entrance conductors). Style SEU cable has two phase conductors surrounded by a concentric neutral while the SER style has two, three or four phase conductors and a bare neutral.” SER is a type SE (service entrance), Style R (reinforcement tape) … Read more