How much is a bag of shavings?

The average price for 8.5 cu ft bags of LOW GRADE shavings is around $7.00 – $8.00 each in most stores.

The average price for 8.5 cu ft bags of LOW GRADE shavings is around $7.00 – $8.00 each in most stores.

Also, how heavy is a bag of shavings? Buy at discounted prices

Wood Type: Pine
Bag Size: 2.80 cu.ft.
Bag Weight: 40 lbs.
Palleted: 45

One may also ask, how many bags of shavings are on a pallet?

Each 1 ton pallet of bedding pellets contains 50, 40 lb bags.

How much does aspen bedding cost?

Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding

List Price: $32.05
You Save: $1.56 (5%)

What are pine shavings used for?

Cedar and pine became popular for pet bedding material because they are good at controlling odor and have some natural insecticidal properties (they kill or repel bugs, especially cedar). These softwood shavings smell nice due to the volatile compounds (e.g. aromatic hydrocarbons, phenols) that are given off.

How much is a bag of sawdust?

As of 2010, sawdust was selling for approximately $45 a dry ton. In 2015 NBC News reported prices in Maine at over $50 per dry ton; and reported retail pricing ranging from $5 to $15 per bag depending on the quality of sawdust and perhaps the type of wood, with bulk purchases from $2 to $6 per pound.

How are wood shavings made?

Wood shavings is the waste obtained when wood is shaped or planed using carpentry tools or machines like planers and milling machines. Wood shavings do not have a fixed size or shape. Generally they are flat thin curls that peel off the surface of wood when it is run through a planning machine or planer.

Does Walmart sell pine shavings?

Living World Pine Shavings 2500 cu inch –

How many cubic feet are in a bag of shavings?

So, one can have a 3.4 cubic foot (compressed) bag of pure, but wet, dustless shavings equal to the weight of a 2.8 cubic foot bag of pure, but dry, sawdust.

What are shavings for horses?

Wood shavings are a very popular choice since they are soft, highly absorbent and easy to clean out of the stall. The most popular type of wood used in shavings comes from pine and can vary in size from large, fluffy shavings to smaller, finer size shavings.

Are pine shavings safe for chickens?

Wood shavings are a really good option for chicken coop bedding. You absolutely need pine wood shavings, and not cedar shavings (cedar oils and scent can be toxic to chickens). Go for large flake wood shavings, over fine shavings (too dusty) and don’t use sawdust (way too dusty and damp).

Is Tractor Supply pine shavings kiln dried?

All pine bedding is kiln dried. Let’s clear a few things up so that we all understand what the kiln drying process does and doesn’t do. It does nothing more than reduce the total moisture % from 19 or 20 down to about 15. It does not remove ALL of the moisture – so do not expect your pine bedding to be moisture free.

How many bags of shavings do I need for a 12×12 stall?

Bales of shavings take up more space, but they’re lighter to handle and cost less – two or three bags will get you plenty of coverage for a 12×12 stall. You’d have to use about 4-5 bags of the equine pelleted bedding for the same coverage.

How many bags of shavings do you need for a horse stall?

Startup with paper shavings is fairly simple — one bag is equivalent to a bag and a half of pine shavings, so two bags of paper shavings should be enough for a 10-by-12 stall, he explained. Another option for horse bedding may come as a surprise.

How do you keep a horse stall dry?

Start by removing all of the wet bedding, then dry horse stall mats thoroughly. If moisture has pooled beneath the mats, you’ll need to remove them, dry out your subfloor, then reinstall the dry stall mats. Only put bedding down on a completely dry horse stall floor.

Are pine shavings safe for horses?

These wood species are safe to use as horse shavings: Pine – This is the best wood to use for horse shavings, as long as you avoid green pine and the horse shavings are well dried, preferably kiln and air-dried, as well as screened to remove dust, which can cause or aggravate respiratory conditions.

How much does horse bedding cost a month?

Average shavings cost per horse per month = $285/5 = $ 57 For many of you the mathematical skills of calculating averages that I just explained seems obvious.

What is pine bedding?

Kaytee Natural Pine Bedding and Litter is manufactured with all natural pine shavings specially processed to eliminate dust and wood debris found in other beddings. Soft wood bedding. All-natural and biodegradable. Recommended for open, well ventilated cages and aquariums.