Can u wear red to church?

Should I wear a red formal suit to Sunday church service? It depends on the church. Some churches consider red a color that is too vibrant, while others welcome personal expression. Wear them under a skirt or dress to ensure modesty. Green is the colour for periods of Ordinary Time. Red is for Pentecost Sunday, … Read more

How many decibels is a loud restaurant?

If you factor in the normal restaurant noise, your restaurant moves to about 70 dB. At this point, your customers have to raise their voices to be heard. At 75 dB, conversation is difficult and at 85 dB, damaging. According to Restaurant Briefing, reviewers have noted noise level averages of 80 dBA or higher in … Read more

Why is my space heater crackling?

Oil-filled space heaters require very little in the way of maintenance or service. Popping and crackling noises are normal – this happens as the oil and metal warms up. If your heater has been turned upside down, you might hear a gurgling noise when you set it upright as the oil settles into the channels … Read more

How much does it cost to do headlight restoration?

The average cost of headlight restoration is typically between $85 and $150 for both headlights, according to most auto detailers. Restoration is a much more cost-effective option. New headlights and exterior lights can cost anywhere from $150-$1,700 each to replace. Restoration and cleaning can be done for far less with similar improvement in vehicle headlight … Read more

How do you clean concrete curbs?

Combine 2 ounces of washing soda with 1 gallon of hot water for dirty curbing that requires heavier cleaning. Put on rubber gloves, dip a scrub brush into the solution and scrub the curbing thoroughly. Mix 1/2 cup baking soda to one gallon of water for a gentle cleaning solution. Add 1/8 cup of liquid … Read more

What is the best steel for wood chisels?

Best Tool Steel for Chisels Builders’ and cold chisels are normally made from tempered steel. For a cold chisel, the steel normally has a carbon content of approximately 0.875%. Under certain circumstances, cold chisels can also be made from beryllium copper or aluminium bronze. One may also ask, what is the best steel for tools? … Read more

What does white mouse in dream mean?

The dream of mice means trouble with a partner, usually in business, and money loss. If in your dream you see a white mouse, this is the omen of a happy marriage. Catching mice in your dream is a good omen referring to financial gains of all sorts. Seeing the mice nibbling on some food … Read more

What are splendid greens at Cava?

A crunchy combination of greens including romaine, escarole, chicory endive, belgian endive, and radicchio, SplendidGreens is a perfect base for a salad or Greens+Grains bowl. The Best: All of the salad dressings at Cava are good from a nutritional standpoint—they’re made with good fats like olive and tahini and with a reasonable amount of sodium. … Read more

How do you dry out wet baseboards?

To recap, this is how to dry out damp walls How to Fix Water Damage on Baseboards: 8 DIY Steps Loosen the Bad Baseboard. Run a sharp utility knife along the top inside edge of the baseboard. Carefully Pry It Off. Clean up the Drywall. Double-Check for Damp Spots. Measure and Match. Paint the New … Read more