How do you wind a perm?

Wind the chosen perm rods into the hair, starting at the top of the back section. Place the end paper on the hair and, keeping good even tension on the hair, use both hands to wind the perm rod towards the scalp. Secure the perm rod close to the scalp by placing the perm rubber … Read more

What is divided highway begins mean?

The Divided Highway Begins sign is installed on an undivided highway to alert you that the highway ahead will be physically divided by a barrier or median strip. You are, in other words, approaching a roadway with one-way traffic. Make sure you enter the roadway to the right of the barrier or median. The “Divided … Read more

What should you do before backing up?

Before You Start Backing Up Backing Up To back up, turn to your right so you can see through the back window. Turn your head and body to the right until you can see clearly through the back window. Always go slowly, watching carefully in all directions. To steer the car in reverse, turn the … Read more

Will bleach water kill termites?

Bleach will kill termites – bleach will kill virtually any living thing that is small enough to become saturated in it. If you do choose to use bleach to spot kill termites, simply mix a half and half mixture of bleach to water in a spray bottle and spray all visible termites. All-Natural Ways of … Read more