What do you cover a patio with?

Cover it with any kind of solid roofing, such as plywood and shingle or corrugated plastic roofing, if you want a more protective shelter. You can match the roofing to the roofing on your home, if you attached the patio cover to the side of it, in order to make it appear as just an … Read more

How long can you keep dried figs?

FIGS, DRIED – UNOPENED OR OPENED PACKAGE Dried figs can be stored in the original sealed package at room temperature for a month. For longer storage, keep them in the refrigerator where they can be stored for six months to a year. Opened dried figs should be transferred to a sealable plastic bag and stored … Read more

Can you grow lettuce in a gutter?

Nope, if you have a fence or some type of wall you can attach a gutter to, you can grow lettuce in gutters. Simply line your gutters with a wee bit of pea gravel, add potting soil, then add your seeds {or lettuce starts} and water as you normally would. Anything that you can grow … Read more

How do you install Suntuf polycarbonate roofing?

Install the first sheet screwing along the ‘lower (gutter) purlin’ from the outside (Barge side) towards the middle of the structure. Screw every other corrugation along the bottom purlin. Install the sheets without stress – that is; don’t pull, tension or twist the sheets. Install the first sheet screwing along the ‘lower (gutter) purlin’ from … Read more

Do ladybugs eat predatory mites?

The LADY BUGS do not discriminate against the Good Predator Mites. They will eat them also. Many garden shops or HYDROPONICS Supply stores carry both the Lady Bugs and PREDATOR MITES. Ladybugs are voracious killing machines designed by nature to clean your garden of over a dozen pests, especially aphids and spider mites. They will … Read more

Does IKEA have Black Friday sales?

IKEA ® Black Friday Ikea offers a number of sales throughout the year, so we’ve put together a calendar to help you time your purchases. Semiannual Kitchen Sale. Twice a year (one event is usually during mid-to-late summer), Ikea hosts a sweeping sale on kitchen products. Beside above, does IKEA have Cyber Monday sales? IKEA … Read more

What is the strength of JB Weld?

JB Weld can crumble. There must be a product that is stronger then JB Weld. Try a epoxy called Super Mend it works very well and is a lot stronger. It comes in a yellow and white box w/red writing. JB Weld can crumble. There must be a product that is stronger then JB Weld. … Read more