How much do floor tiles weigh?

The estimated weights assume ceramic tiles weighing 4 pounds/square foot and stone tiles weighing 6 pounds/square foot. To calculate the full weight (in lbs) of the slate tiles and mortar, simply multiply the area of the floor by the thickness of the slate and mortar installation (all dimensions in inches). Then just multiply this by … Read more

How do you start a Englander pellet stove?

On the control board there are three buttons on the bottom. The first button is the “Lower Fuel Feed” (LFF), second is the “Low Burn Air” (LBA) and the third is “Air On Temp” (AOT). These buttons control how the pellet stoves operates. To keep your Englander pellet stove burning properly, burn premium pellets. Steps … Read more

Does warm pool water cause algae?

If conditions are right, these spores can spread rapidly and take over the pool in a short amount of time. Warm weather, sunlight, lack of circulation in the water, and nitrates or carbon dioxide in the water can all be contributing factors for algae growth. Algae spores find their way into your pool all the … Read more

How much can a UTV tow?

For pulling UTVs or side by sides, it’s recommended to use a vehicle that can tow at least 2,000 pounds. This would be for a towing a single UTV and trailer. If you plan on towing multiple UTVs, then you’ll need more towing power. Make sure to check your vehicle’s towing capacity. You don’t want … Read more

How do you measure a blower wheel?

Wheel Diameter: Measure the diameter of the blower wheel – the longest distance from one side of the ring to the other side. From the appropriate perspective described above you will see the wheel is spinning clockwise (CW) or counter clockwise (CCW). Support Tools. Fan rotation is determined by looking at the fan from the … Read more

Are fuzzy socks warm?

These are warm socks to protect your feet in the winter season, its cozy to wear at home or outside. Keep warm and cozy in our super soft microfiber socks so soft you have feel it to believe it! These super warm and fuzzy fashionable socks are perfect for keeping each toe warm. Get high-quality, … Read more