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Why the time right

A look at why the arrival of Afan Valley Adventure Resort is coming at the right time and the benefits it will bring to the UK tourism industry; the local economy and all those who visit it.

  • Encompassing a comprehensive mix of healthy and exhilarating activities, relaxation and social interaction in a stunning and dramatic landscape, this all-weather, all-year-round resort will deliver a unique concept that will be in line with government strategies; attract investment from a global audience and appeal to the demands of a growing leisure sector looking for a healthy, activity-based holiday experience.
    Spread over 500 acres of stunning landscape, Afan Valley Adventure Resort will allow visitors to indulge in a kaleidoscope of high-octane activities, adventure and relaxation with the chance to socialise in one inspirational setting.
    This multi-million-pound arrival on to the UK leisure market will deliver a stunning menu of physical discoveries and offer guests a choice of activities ranging from alpine sports to water sports; forest adventures to off-road biking; survival training to trampolining, and surfing to zorbing.

  • Tapping into two of the most dynamic sectors of the British leisure market, Northern Powerhouse Developments have analysed the performance of two distinct but complementary leisure sectors, the short-break market and the day visitor market
    and fused them into the one unique lifestyle concept.
    The elements and activities identified at Afan Valley Adventure Resort have been chosen precisely because of their recognised and proven appeal to those coming for either a day break or those looking for a short break.
    Since its introduction to the UK market in 1987, the Center Parcs formula has heralded an explosion in the short-break holiday market while at the same time attracting those looking for a day break experience.

    similar forest resort experiences opening to meet the demand for outdoor activity-based leisure experiences.
    In recent years, Center Parcs has considerably altered the balance of its offering to include a much more active ingredient, reflecting the increasing demand for physical activity, as a form of both enjoyment and wellbeing.

    Afan Valley Adventure Resort will further enhance the opportunity for visitors to enjoy this increasingly active lifestyle experience in one location.
    More than one billion day visits are made to a variety of activity-based destinations across Britain and the day visitor market continues to be one of the most commercially enduring sectors of British leisure.
    Merlin Entertainments, owned by Blackstone (the world’s second largest visitor destination operator) last year reported a rise of 13.2% in visitor numbers and an increase in revenues of 15.9%
    The day visitor market continues to be one of the most commercially lucrative sectors in British leisure and Mintel confirmed that the ‘destination experience’ had not only sustained since the ‘Credit Crunch’ but had increased its share of leisure spend.
    VisitEngland, Visit Wales and VisitBritain state in their current strategic objectives, an identified lack of and clear need for, ‘day visitor destinations of quality and distinctiveness.’

    Afan Valley Adventure Resort will deliver a distinct destination of quality with huge appeal to both the day and short-break market.

  • Having identified specific active lifestyle elements with proven appeal Afan Valley Adventure Resort will deliver a menu of different activities to appeal to different age groups, tastes and abilities.
    The elements provide for different target audiences and cover a spectrum of age groups; family and peer group segments; AB, C1 and C2 socio-economic groups.
    Targeting mainly the leisure market, Afan Valley Adventure Resort will also appeal to a significant business segmentation while at the same time gearing towards those audiences seeking diversion through sheer fun and light escape to those looking for a more serious physical discovery and pure physical challenge.
    The elements of Afan Valley Adventure Resort have been specifically chosen to give a wide breadth of appeal and to ensure they provide longevity, distinction and inspire repeat visits.

  • One of the biggest factors highlighted in the report Barriers to Visiting Wales, was the climate.
    Recognising the vagaries of the weather we have introduced a range of initiatives that promote reliability and customer satisfaction, regardless of weather and time of year.
    The aim is to maintain visitor satisfaction irrespective of the weather conditions while removing seasonality from the operational performance.
    The mix of activities will consist of ‘dual weather’ centres such as water-based aqua adventure elements that can be temperature controlled, dependent upon conditions or time of year.
    A significant menu of indoor experiences will also be included and where possible the introduction of covered/sheltered walkways will be introduced between the different activities.
    Small, all-weather battery-powered, people-movers will also be available to ferry visitors between the different zones and activities spread across the resort.
    Afan Valley Adventure Resort will provide an all-weather, all-year-round destination which will attract visitors 365 days of the year, regardless of weather or season.

  • Critical to the sustained success of Afan Valley Adventure Resort is the delivery of guest satisfaction and key to this is
    both genuine guest orientation and accurate selection of the components of the offer.
    Afan Valley Adventure Resort will maximise customer satisfaction in the following ways:
    • Staff selection with the training and development of 1,000 employees who will be the key determinants in delivering constant satisfaction.
    • Working closely with local colleges to identify the skills and training requirements Afan Valley Adventure Resort needs to deliver consistently high level of customer satisfaction.
    • Ensuring the quality and authenticity of each element is of the highest standard with the appointment of proven British architecture and design practices for both the resort components and the different aspects of the landscape
    • Reshaping and reinvigorating the landscape into a visually attractive environment which will enhance the Afan Valley and at the same time contribute to the economic regeneration of the area.
    • The creation of different zones on site which will accommodate the various attractions and activities. These will include the Alpine Zone, Forest Zone, Trails Zone, Xtreme Zone and Zen Zone as well as the Central Plaza Zone which will act as the social hub of the resort.

  • As history has taught us, the arrival of an iconic visitor destination can have a positive economic impact on a region and the financial and social benefits to the Afan Valley and South Wales will be hugely significant with the creation of this resort.
    In 1991, when the UK’s second Center Parcs opened in Elveden Forest, a report into the impact the resort had on the local economy highlighted the benefits it brought to the surrounding area and economy.
    The Rural Development Commission, commissioned a major study into the economic benefits of Holiday Villages which was carried out by PA Cambridge Economic Consultants and concluded that a holiday village, like that of the proposed Afan Valley Adventure Resort, “delivered immediate and significant contribution to local employment and incomes, and is thereby capable
    of raising rapidly the quality of life and the image of the local area.”
    Afan Valley Adventure Resort will provide employment, training schemes and raise the profile and image of this beautiful, but often neglected,corner of South Wales.

    The economic benefits of Afan Valley Adventure Resort
    • The £130 million investment will create 1000 full time jobs
    • The two-year build programme will provide opportunities for young people to gain training and practical experience in a range of different construction and engineering trades.
    • There will be £57.98 million of direct Gross Value Added (GVA) over the build period from construction activity.
    • It is forecast that there will be around 5,000 visitors per week (260,000 per year) who will be drawn to the resort to use the indoor and outdoor facilities available.
    • It is estimated visitors will generate £6.574 million of consumer expenditure per year which will be spent on site and within the local area.
    • Visitors to the proposed hotel are likely to spend around £0.623 million each year on goods and services over and above the cost of hotel accommodation and transport.
    • The injection of expenditure into the economy is expected to stimulate employment growth across different industrial sectors, although the biggest impact will be felt within the hotel, catering and leisure sectors.
    How we are meeting the objectives of the Welsh Government

    With first-hand experience of purchasing, selling and ultimately operating a portfolio of leisure properties, Northern Powerhouse Developments have helped turn around the fortunes of six hotels in Wales and continue to deliver a sustainable leisure offering to meet the tourism objectives set out by the Welsh Government.
    The arrival of Afan Valley Adventure Resort will signify another important step towards realising those objectives and economic goals.
    In a letter of support acknowledging the work NPD have already done in Wales and their plans for Afan Valley Adventure Resort, Ken Skates, the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure, commented: “I recognise the impact that Northern Powerhouse Developments (NPD) is already having in its current activities related to the hotel product in Wales; this is entirely in line with the Welsh Government’s tourism strategy and our objective of developing more luxury, high-end hotels which can create new demand. In addition, the strategy also identifies the significance of creating new perception-changing products, as a driver for regeneration, economic growth and jobs.
    “We are committed therefore to strategic level product development, and to that end we welcome further discussion on the ‘Afan Valley Adventure Resort’ project which has significant potential in view of its scale to positively impact the tourism economy within the South Wales region. “

  • THE CHALLENGE: More luxury and branded hotels
    THE SOLUTION: Northern Powerhouse Developments have bought, refurbished and now operate six hotels in Wales generating a multi-million-pound business across all six properties.
    THE CHALLENGE: More well-being facilities such as spas.
    THE SOLUTION: Northern Powerhouse Developments are introducing a number of spa facilities to their Welsh hotels and will deliver a stunning spa complex at Afan Valley Adventure Resort.
    THE CHALLENGE: More heritage hotels that utilise historic and distinctive buildings
    THE SOLUTION: Northern Powerhouse Developments have ploughed millions into the purchase and refurbishment of several historic buildings in North Wales including Caer Rhun Hall, a late Victorian manor house nestled in the heart of the Conwy Valley.
    THE CHALLENGE: More all year-round attractions, activities and cultural experiences
    THE SOLUTION: The launch of Afan Valley Adventure Resort will provide Wales with an all-year-round resort offering a wealth of activities all in one location.
    THE CHALLENGE: More innovative, unusual and distinctive products.
    THE SOLUTION: Afan Valley Adventure Resort will deliver a unique and exceptional attraction which will appeal to a global audience.

  • In conclusion Afan Valley Adventure Resort will introduce a distinctive and unique leisure experience to the British
    leisure market and a major tourism presence to South Wales.
    Delivered by a team of experienced professionals it is a project that will meet the stated economic benefits and tourism objectives of both regional and national development organisations.
    It will help raise national awareness of this beautiful part of Britain and bring pleasure to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.
    Afan Valley Adventure Resort is the right product, in the right place and at the right time.

    Sources: VisitEngland; Visit Wales; VisitBritain; The Rural Development Commission; Merlin Entertainment

    Welsh Secretary visits Afan Valley Adventure Resort
    Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure Ken Skates, visited the site of the Afan Valley Adventure Resort in April and praised the ambitious plans to turn the 500-acre site into a multimillion- pound leisure complex.
    After a tour of the site and hearing how it will be transformed into an adventure resort featuring a wealth of activities and attractions all in one location, Mr Skates said: “I was delighted to get an overview of the early plans for Afan Valley Adventure Resort which clearly demonstrate an ambition and innovation for developing the tourism industry in Wales.
    “The project is one that is very much in line with our tourism strategy which identifies the significance of creating a new perception changing product, as a driver for regeneration, economic growth and jobs. “
    The Cabinet Secretary was shown around the site by developers Gavin Woodhouse and Peter Moore of Northern Powerhouse Developments, who explained how the resort will be brought to life and the different elements that will make it such a unique
    visitor destination. Mr Skates added: “Afan Valley Adventure Resort has significant potential in view of its scale to positively impact the tourism economy within the South Wales region and I was hugely encouraged by what I have seen and heard and look forward to seeing the future development of this inspirational resort over the coming years.”

What’s the progress at Afan Valley Adventure Resort?

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